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How to Convert Facebook Group Members to Paying Clients / Customers / Students

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- 100% online course
- Self paced with no time limit - Lifetime access to all coursework
- Approx 3 hours of coursework
- Certificate on completion
- 30 Day money back guarantee

How to Convert Facebook Group Members to Paying Clients / Customers / Students
Current Special: $197


I recently started doing some mentoring sessions with Jono Petrohilos    I just ran my first webinar following his advice…  51 people registered   14 people attended   7 people purchased (at $1K each)   =$7,000 from my first webinar….  Not bad!! It feels great honestly.  If you want some help selling your online course, I highly recommend reaching out to Jono!!
Nena Heart, Hawaii

What's actually covered in the course...

Course Curriculum

How to Convert Facebook Group Members to Paying Clients / Customers / Students
Current Special: $197


Hey fellow course creators! Quick win I want to share... My online course sales were getting a bit stagnant so I reached out to Jono Petrohilos and paid him $400 for a 1 on 1 consult... I followed his instructions as a result I made my first $2,000 sale less than 2 days later! If you want some help / guidance in selling your online course - reach out to Jono! This guy knows every trick in the book!
Lucas Aoun, Melbourne Australia

Russ from Colombia! I'm currently building a community around Permaculture! I'm currently doing the Course Creator Community FB challenge and after week 1 I've grown my FB Group by 70 members! Russ Manning Magdalena, Colombia

The Grow Your FB Group Challenge Jono is running is amazing. I'm a Course Creator from Canada and am building a worldwide community for Working Equitation Simplified! I'm currently in Week 3 and I had 134 new members join my Group this week! Thanks Jono.
Trish Hyatt, British Columbia, Canada

Shout out to Jono Petrohilos from the Course Creator Community! I changed the name of my FB group based on his recommendation and bingo! About 50 new members! Blown away!
Andrea Riggans Auckland, New Zealand

Hello! I'm from Melbourne, and this is a huge shout-out to JONO and his eight week course on "How we grew our Facebook Group to 2,500 members in less than 5 months". The course is completely focussed on meeting the learners where they are, and progressing them through very relevant and actionable content to getting their FB Groups growing. Some of us will have to return to the program when we are ready for Jono's wisdom, which we can do at any time. I recommend this course unconditionally to anyone who needs to expand their social presence, build their list or increase their leads. Jono is fun and has empathy for newbies scrambling to get going. He makes big tasks achievable. And he is strategic with a fountain of knowledge! You are providing a fabulous service, Jono Petrohilos. Big thank you!
Sylvia Peters, Victoria, Australia

Hi, I’m Peter Shunn from South Africa and I’d like to share this with you. I have a course How To Create An Online Course That Sells. I have just completed Jono Petrohilos’ List Building Course as I wanted to build my Facebook list. Well, the results have been outstanding. My list has grown by 300 people in less than a month. And, I have a system in place to continue this growth. What I enjoyed about the course is the broad range of social media Jono teaches you to use to grow your list. Jono’s presentation style is so friendly and he genuinely has your interest at heart. Unselfishly sharing his knowledge and expertise. I recommend that any course creator wanting to reach a larger audience do this course. Thank you Jono Petrohilos.
Peter Shunn, Gauteng, South Africa

I'm a Meditation Teacher from Wisconsin and just completed the Course Creator Community FB Challenge. I loved it! Lots of action items, ways to keep growing. I went from 80-117 members with just ONE hour a WEEK working specifically on the steps that were taught. I recommend any person looking to grow
a FB Group to complete this challenge.
Deanna Wheeler, Wisconsin

Just wanted to say group engagement has grown in leaps and bounds since I have begun implementing the techniques I learned from you! If anyone wants to improve the engagement in their Group - reach out to Jono. His stuff works, AND he is an awesome human. I am so impressed! Carissa Karner, California USA

How to Convert Facebook Group Members to Paying Clients / Customers / Students
Current Special: $197